Don’t forget the impact of STI’s on fertility, or the common female preference for experienced and worldly men who are a bit older. Also, let’s not forget that women are also guilty of labeling other women as “sluts.” There are many factors, and nature is a cruel mistress to be sure. I’m doubtful that we will ever arrive at a place of “free love” which is wholly unemotional. “Friends with benefits” has been tried the world over for millennia, but it is rarely devoid of clandestine emotion. Sex is a famously difficult problem to solve, and we have not yet arrived at the correct level of moral wisdom to speak about it elegantly in public. The sloppiness of this response is my proof of that.

Rousseau was wrong about a lot. Civilization is not the enemy, but rather, its absence is to be feared. The more we discuss in the public domain, the sharper our civilization becomes. We must endeavor to think deeply lest we be corrupted by precognitive shadows.

Cognitive science, health, and society.

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