He doesn’t show the same amount of respect for all races. It’s just so awkward to have racial prejudice in 2020.

He thinks it’s big of him to compliment a white man in this economy. Why? Do we all get to be racist when the economy gets worse? Just imagine the statement in reverse, from a white person.

“I think it’s big of me to compliment a Black person in this economy.”

What would you think of that statement if you came across it? Does that have a respectful ring to it? This whole line of argumentation is retarded.

This is why I write about development. I want us to have more interesting, and more intelligent conversations. Identity politics is useless and boring. So is the pre-rational Dem fallacy. “We can change this country’s systemic problems by just putting someone from the “correct team” in charge.

It’s fine that people don’t know how this country works, but they should learn instead of pretending they understand something they don’t.

Electing Biden will NOT do what people hope it will. (I’m no fan of Trump. That’s beside the point.)

For an introduction to how the system operates, Check this out:


Cognitive science, health, and society.

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