I agree that the holocost was incredibly disgenic. I’ve often though about how WWII might’ve gone had the germans been merely nationalistic, rather than genocidal. You’ve correctly identified the perennial pattern of most revolutions. Kill the competant, build centralized system, lag becomes untenable, system collapses.

I’ve personally given up trying to parse the looming crises in terms of right and left. For me, the frame leaves out more than it accounts for. Partly, its because I work at the VA, where I see a level of indiscriminate poverty and tragedy that's beyond belief.

That being said, I’m worried about the potentially lethal combination of ubiquitous heavy firepower, a complete breakdown of national coherence, and an economic catastrophy.

I try to write at a level above bipartisanship because I hope that the increasing polarization might be better addressed through a more unifying language. I guess my hope is that, if I can formulate our problems at a higher level, we might all be able to discuss and participate in solutions, because we can agree on the first principles.

Of course, it might also make my writing seem too abstract, which is its own problem.

Cognitive science, health, and society.

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