I guess my fundamental argument is that our culture is afraid of change, which has little to do with race. The racial lens just doesn’t cover our greatest problems in the least. Its a political DISTRACTION from them.

The problems with our culture are that:

  1. We are failing to place value on the environment (which is extinctive)
  2. We have run out of social capital because everything has been commodified, so we must do everything ourselves, at great social, psychological, and spiritual expense.
  3. Our children are not being well educated
  4. Our health care system is a joke
  5. Our food is largely unfit to eat
  6. Our air is getting less and less healthy
  7. Our Left-right political divide is absolutely moronic and useless (they both agree about many things outside the Overton window, but the plebs aren’t allowed to speak about those issues)
  8. Our war on drugs (or consciousness) is still a nightmare for the progression out human thought, and people are locked up and killed for this stupidity daily (and yes, minorities are disproportionately imprisoned for this: I watched 13th and agree with its premises wholeheartedly)
  9. The pharmaceutical industry is masking all of these underlying issues that we are doing NOTHING about,
  10. The meaning crisis in our culture, which is accelerating, has made everyone feel like nihilistic orphans in a dead universe that doesn't give a fuck about them.
  11. Technological advance will make a useless class of billions of human beings who have lost their cultures and wisdom traditions, and this will lead to further nihilism, suicide, hopelessness, and depravity

I see the racial issues in this country as important, but orthogonal to the real fears people have. The media is telling people to think in terms of identity because its politically cheap to sell identity politics to voters. You don’t have to support labor, you don’t have to make policies that help people economically. You just need to verbally support “diversity” and you get cheers from voters. Its bullshit. Its a distraction from the fact that all of our politicians are bought, and they are actually out of ideas for how to make our economic system work for normal people anymore, as market growth derailed from income growth several decades ago.

But yet we criticize the bereft clown as if the racial makeup of his culture is the REAL problem here. Its bullshit propaganda. That’s why I was angry at the piece.

Cognitive science, health, and society.

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