I’m just obtuse, thank you very much. Notwithstanding, I doubt we will see an end to M&A in the United states for several reasons. First, the government and google are best friends. I don’t think the government actually cares about how big google gets. I view it largely as a signaling exercise. They have back doors everywhere. The same is true about Facebook. These two entities are acting as permanent arms of the deep state. Not only that, but they are competing with China for world domination. Breaking them up would weaken their power, so they’ll buy off as many useful idiots as they need to in order to continue the game. Lord knows they have enough money and blackmail material. I just doubt a break up will happen.

Technology improves for key reasons other than consumer whiles by the way, as you point out by referencing the fact that these companies haven’t pandered to what consumers actually want for a long time. We don’t matter anymore! Its more about increasing growth and shareholder value. Those twin motivations will be enough to push the giants towards “AI” supremacy. There’s money in dominating healthcare, logistics, retail, etc. It’ll happen either way. As Smith told Neo, “IT IS INEVITABLE…”

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