Just watched your non-religion design video with John Vervaeke. Very insightful material. You two should definitely speak more often.

1.) The story of Google’s ad hawk construction of the Meta-language was fascinating.

2.) The Meta-Structure bridging between world religions, to find their shared and differing cognitive grammar, is also a stunning concept.

3.) Allowing the Non-Religion to be scalable seems, to me, like the most daunting problem you two brought up. I love these concepts, but there are very few people I know who would put up with my discussing it with them. Though, if the overall narrative is intuitive enough, there could be rapid adoption.

I have one psycho-technology to share with you, if you haven’t already heard of it: The Equilibrated State, by Jean Piaget.

According to this theory, each successive stage of development needs to account for everything the previous stage could, plus new information, without degrading in utility. It’s akin to Nassim Taleb’s Anti-Fragility, but it comes from the Child development world (Schemas, etc)

I use it as a metaphor in my piece on the future of the health industry here:

As always, a pleasure to chat and learn from you and John. Much love from LA.

Cognitive science, health, and society.

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