Online teaching will force the education system to “flip.”

With lectures online, professors find themselves in an awkward position: They are suddenly thrust into competition with every other professor who has ever taught that course. Why would the average Econ 101 professor bother giving a live mediocre lecture when the best lecture could be watched instead?

It is no longer adaptive or useful for “normal” professors to keep rehashing crappy lectures, semester after semester, when the best ones on earth have already been recorded. Waste of time and energy. Instead, professors should select the best recorded lectures, throw them into the syllabus, and spend their newfound time helping their students in a more personal way.

This is the beginning of the University’s only sensible response to the internet: Flipping the education system.

Presently, we enter classrooms to receive lectures, and do most of our work (problem solving/projects/writing/test prep) outside without help from the professors we spend money on. This system will be shown as an inefficient inversion of what education ought to look like.

By flipping school, students can watch the best lectures at home (including Khan Academy, Brilliant, etc.) and enter classrooms to collaborate with other students on projects as professors hover across clusters of students, offering assistance when needed.

The benefits for students are enormous. Want to watch all your lectures in the first week of the semester? No problem! Do you need to pause or re-wind for clarification? Easy. Do you want to read the comment section and participate in a worldwide online discussion section? Done.

The internet out-competes and obsoletes the current framework of university education, and this is the perfect opportunity to fix it once and for all.

Cognitive science, health, and society.

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