Thank you for your thoughtful response! It’s really helpful to see your perspective.

I discuss the alphabet as a tool which allowed for increased fluency. It is most definitely not the only way to convey complex ideas. Nor does the use of a tool make one smarter per se. One can become more adept to different kids of probkem solving.

IQ tests, for example, test for solutions to bounded problems, but life consists of a series of unbounded problems, which is why we can say that a person is relatively unintelligent, but wise nonetheless. Any psychotechnology can be personally indispensable, like english is for me, but that does not make it a metaphysical necessity.

In order to put the intelligence-rationlity-wisdom diagram into better context, I should be more clear.

I view logic as a non-heuristical process of searching the entire solution space. No shortcuts. We humans do not have the time or cognitive resources to be comprehensively logical. We must become rational, a heuristic mode, in which we selectively deploy our logic (intelligence) on relevant problems.

One can view the meta application of rationality, across all spheres of our being, as a practice of wisdom. This practice leads to a more elegant and coherent existence.

I very much agree that the time-honored fruits of our distributed cognition are often far wiser than we are. Culture is a beautiful form of extended cognition that saves us so much time when it functions properly, by allowing us to adopt wise behavior without us havung to painstakingly, independently, articulate our every move from scratch.

Thanks again for your response! It helps a ton.


Cognitive science, health, and society.

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