This is a fun idea. A cultural approach to Spiral Dynamics (Nested Holarchy). The roadblocks I see are two fold:

  1. ) Spiritual coherence transcends and includes the simpler forms of social coherence. An analogy: spirituality and culture are akin to molecules and atoms. Just as atoms are required to make molecules, a stable culture is a necessary base for the development of convergent spirituality. Once we heal the culture war, we can then scale our spiritual convergence more effectively.
  2. ) Our culture needs to stop fighting over which values are the best, and learn how to see the importance of them all. Right+Left = Duty/responsibility/competence/Family Values + Multiculturalism/Sensitivity/Inclusion)

Our culture is currently stuck at a narcissistic version of green. Instead of Green transcending and including the blue values of duty/responsibility/family, it is transcending and rejecting these older values. I believe the internet is giving our culture cognitive “stretch marks” which will lead us to a large minority at the yellow “integral” wave. From there, Your wonderful article will be seen as the obvious next step for a very large percentage of the population :)

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Cognitive science, health, and society.

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