This is misleading, because even though the tests have been used by people with bad agendas, the tests themselves are not racially biased. There have even been attempts to remove biased questions, which only led to larger disparities.

The REAL issue I see in the world of IQ/SAT/AP testing is that rich families can afford to pay for test prep, which significantly boosts scores. This leaves less financially fortunate students with worse results, and this problem will continue as long as money buys services that boost performance.

The other issue is that most people don’t know what these tests are measuring. They measure one’s ability to solve different types of problems in a limited amount of time. That’s it. That’s also why test prep helps so much. There are massive lifelong advantages to learning how to systematically solve hard problems. After all, life is nothing more that a series of unbounded problems to solve.

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Cognitive science, health, and society.

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