1. You clearly don’t know this subject matter well enough to have critiqued Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Unless you think that 10’s of billions isn’t a fortune.
  2. You don’t know enough about Gates’ Nuclear firm. It was absolutely poised to put quite the “dent” in the problematic “systems and dynamics” that you’re referring to. That phrase, by the way, is the most ridiculous way to tell me that you don’t know what you’re talking about in the least.
  3. “without ever making a serious attempt.” lol. I’ve worked at some prestigious hotels during college, and I’ve met plutocrats that buy their “Philanthropist” badge all the time. I’m not bragging about being a hotel employee, I just happen to actually know what I’m talking about. You really need to learn the difference between a plutocrat and a philanthropist. (This is the main reason why your critique was so moronic.) A plutocrat spends a few grand per head to buy off several congressmen and donates much more to think tanks, universities, and research institutions. They have stories written in the attending journals extoling their virtue. They hold parties for up and coming politicians. An actual philanthropist, on the other hand, spends their money and time actually doing shit.They read about the world’s problems deeply. They get the best minds in the field to create a roadmap to figure out what scales, and where the biggest impact lies. 3rd world plumbing, vaccines, nuclear energy, etc. Bill just happens to have worked on all three initiatives. Tirelessly. He doesn’t spend his time going on yacht parties and blacking out at the best clubs. He's relentless, and actually wants to improve conditions for people that don’t have a literal toilet to shit in. Bill Gates and the Koch brothers are not to be grouped into the same category.
  4. Based on all of the clarification you needed from my response, you’re either a naive person who’s playing dumb, a troll, or just not very bright. Your amateurish critique smacks of simulated thinking, and utter laziness in regard to research. It was not an “intelligent contribution” to perform baseless bitching about Bill Gates with zero examples, sourcing, or actual argumentation. Your repeated use of the phrase “systems and dynamics,” like your use of Latin terms borrowed from debate 101, suggest to me that you don’t actually know what you’re talking about. At all. So I stand by my Ad Hominem, thank you very much.

Cognitive science, health, and society.

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